Vol. 7. No. 1. (2018)

E. Fokoué and B. Brimkov
The multifaceted impact of statistical methodology and theory in data science

Y. Zhang, J. Thakar, D. Topham, A. Falsey, D. Zeng and X. Qiu
Some equivalence relationships of regularized regressions
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.01

M. Elshrif and E. Fokoué
Random Subspace Learning (RASSEL) with data driven weighting schemes
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.02

G. Olinto and E. Fokoué
Kernelized cost-sensitive listwise ranking
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.03

L. Khinkis, M. Crotzer and A. Oprisan
Sizing up the regions of unique minima in the least squares nonlinear regression
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.04

A. LaLonde and T. Love
Using the Seychelles child development study to cluster multiple outcomes into domains to improve estimation of the overall effect of mercury on neurodevelopment
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.05

S. E. Mason and E. M. Reid
The relationship between anxiety and performance in a statistics class
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.06

G. C. Phelan and J. T. Whelan
Hierarchical Bayesian Bradley–Terry for applications in Major League Baseball
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2018.07