Instructions to authors

Manuscripts of papers intended for publication in Mathematics for Applications (MA) must be written in English with a preferred length of up to 20 pages. Authors are encouraged to send manuscripts in single PDF files to The final form of a manuscript must be written in LATEX using the MA style. Upon acceptance, authors will be requested to send the source LATEX file.

Each paper must contain an abstract not exceeding 15 lines, keywords, and the AMS subject classification (2010).

Figures should be drawn using black & white vector graphics in the eps or pdf file format. If a bitmap is enclosed, a decent quality (possibly without lossy compression) is required.

References should be sorted alphabetically, see the template and Mathematical Reviews abbreviations for the references style.

All manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review process based on reports of at least two referees.

By submitting a manuscript, the authors confirm that they accept the above Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement.

When a paper is published, its author(s) will receive an electronic copy of it in PDF format.

Subscription and library exchanges

There is no submission or publication charge.

Recommended format of manuscripts:

If possible, use the style file for Mathematics for Applications.

Sample paper (pdf): mfa-template.pdf