Vol. 4. No. 2. (2015)

İ. Dağadur and S. Şezgek
Deferred statistical cluster points of double sequences
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.06


P. K. Das and L. K. Vashisht
On perturbation of binary linear codes
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.07


K. K. Haugen
Bookmaker’s dilemma
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.08


M. Křivan and B. Budínská
Efficiency comparison of Hopfield network with simulated annealing as optimization methods for solving the traveling salesman problem
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.09


R. Messaoud and A. Missaoui
Properties of contra semi-continuity functions and σ-ζμ-sets in generalized topological spaces
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.10


J. L. Pfaltz
The Role of Continuous Processes in Cognitive Development
DOI: 10.13164/ma.2015.11